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Whether it's a relatively new or a much older machine, many longarms retain their value. Longarm machines are a special part of quilting, offering quilters the ability to finish more quilts.  


Longarms are what we do.  That's why we started our Preloved Longarms website.

On here you can find the latest selection of longarm machines that have been used and loved...and now need a new home.  

To give you confidence in your preloved machine, some of our machines will have our Seal of Approval. While others are offered with Warranty or the option to extend the warranty subject to certain conditions. 

So, check out the machines that are listed and get in touch to arrange an appointment or viewing.

Preloved Longarms is part of Pinhole Quilting, the UK Distributor of Handi Quilter Longarm quilting machines. We are based in Pershore, Worcestershire.

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