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Originally installed by us in October 2017, this machine and frame is now offered for sale by the original purchaser.   There have been a number of model changes over the years but this machine has exactly the same features as the current model.


The Avante is well known as a robust and reliable machine for both professional or domestic use. This example has just over 4 million stitches and comes with the Pinhole Quilting Seal of Approval, having just been serviced, being in ‘as-new’ condition and representing very good value for money. 


The machine will be supplied with all standard accessories, including a separate bobbin winder, rear handlebars, pantograph and laser light. The seller is also including the following additional items:

  • Ruler base and Sure Foot ruler foot

  • Extra bobbins and needles

  • Two additional pantographs

  • Cindy Needham Stencil Collection (worth £175 - mostly unused)

  • Two new packs of Wonderfil Decobob prewound bobbins (worth £48)

  • Various additional threads and Magnaglide prewound bobbins


The original warranty transfers to the new owner, and an optional warranty extension is available for purchase on its expiry in October 2022.  Pinhole Quilting will continue to provide support to the new owner in exactly the same way as the original owner.


The buyer will also get access to the unique support and training opportunities provided by Pinhole Quilting in the UK, as well as to the private Facebook groups dedicated to support Handi Quilter owners. A free place on one of the full-day Foundation Training courses provided by Pinhole Quilting is also included, worth £130. Attending the course will enable the new owner to make the most of their new setup. 


The seller will be happy to demonstrate the machine to potential buyers.  This 12 foot frame requires a minimum space of 13’8” x 7’6” (including the space to stand and operate the machine) and can complete King-Sized quilts up to 124” wide. 


This is a private sale by the owner but please contact Pinhole Quilting on 01905 942972 initially, or email

SOLD! Handi Quilter Avante++ 18” Longarm with 12' Studio Frame Near Wrexham

  • The Avante is a classic machine in longarm quilting terms.  The owner could add Pro-Stitcher to the setup if desired for computerised quilting.

    ​The HQ Avante has an 18" throat space giving 14" of usable quilting space and has established a well-earned reputation as a superb machine that is suitable for either domestic or professional use.  Handi Quilter is by far the leading longarm brand in the UK with a thriving community and support network. 

    The buyer will get access to the unrivalled support and training opportunities provided by Pinhole Quilting as well as access to the private Facebook group dedicated to Handi Quilter owners.

    The Avante has had 3 models since 2010. The Avante Original was made from 2010 to early 2014 when the machine had a 1800 stitches per minute motor. In early 2014 the Avante Plus was launched which had quick change feet as standard, a low bobbin estimator and a faster motor of 2,200 stitches per minute. In Late 2014 the Avante Plus Plus additionally had the EZ Set Tension with a readout for the top tension and a Light Ring above the foot. 

  • Visit our Pinhole Quilting Showroom for access to the full range of Handi Quilter machines. Test Drive a longarm today. 


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