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Sorry!  This Pro-Stitcher sold prior to listing to an Avante owner who had pre-registered their interest. Get in touch if you are looking for a specific preloved machine or Pro-Stitcher. 


This Pro-Stitcher system will fit on any existing Avante or Simply Sixteen machine on a Studio or Little Foot Frame.  This is only available as a result of a customer upgrade.


This was originally supplied by us in 2013 and just serviced by us.  It has a manual carriage system and runs the full Pro-Stitcher Premium software.   It is supplied with the tablet and hundreds of built-in block and edge-to-edge designs.  There is hardly any functional difference to a new Pro-Stitcher system that can be purchased today, but which costs £10,995 new.


The system is only suitable for someone who already has an Avante or Simply 16 with a Studioor Little Foot frame.  Self-installation is straightforward with the guidance supplied, or we can quote separately for this if desired.  


Please note that this is a private sale and the buyer will deal directly with the seller regarding payment. The system is at our showroom and available for demonstration.


If you have always wanted a Pro-Stitcher system then this is a great upgrade opportunity.  And preloved options are really rare.


For more information or to be put in touch with the owner, please contact us on 01905 942972 or at

SOLD! Pro-Stitcher Premium for Handi Quilter Avante 18" Longarm

  • Handi Quilter is the leading manufacturer of quilting machines, computerised quilting systems, frames/tables and quilting accessories. HQ Pro-Stitcher was developed, written and is supported by Handi Quilter engineers.


    The Pro-Stitcher Premium software is packed with features that enable you to resize, modify and customise nearly any digital design available - and then quilt it with unparalleled precision. Easily operate HQ Pro-Stitcher from a lightweight touchscreen tablet computer that is conveniently mounted on top of the machine.


    You can be sure that you have purchased the highest quality product, which is backed by the HQ warranty and Support from Pinhole Quilting. Expand your quilting possibilities with this easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, computerised system. Have fun finishing more quilts!

    In addition you also get seamless integration with Pro-Stitcher Designer™ for designing and adjusting your own patterns at the longarm machine or on your computer (included software). So if you want to customise designs, add personalisation such as names to quilts then Pro-Stitcher Designer is perfect for those who want to take their design skills further.

    In 2022 Pro-Stitcher Lite was introduced in the UK. Pro-Stitcher Lite is designed for the Moxie and the Simply Sixteen on the Loft Frame or for those machines on a converted Little Foot Frame (kit required).  It is a "light" version of Pro-Stitcher Premium with 250+ designs and is designed to work with the lighter longarms.

    Pro Stitcher Premium works with the HQ Simply Sixteen, HQ Avante, HQ Amara, HQ Fusion and HQ Infinity.

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